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   Intensive ultra-violet radiation, dust, drying-up wind, high air temperatures, pressure differences, salty water – all these  factors influence our skin, making it more vulnerable to inflammatory processes and age changes. In a risk zone to the same extent there are dry, oily and even normal skin types. When visiting our beauticians after the holidays we read a mute horror in their eyes("And what now with it to do?"). 

Shelled skin, burns, allergic reactions, pigmentary spots – it is not full range of problems which it is possible to face.

At high temperatures skin begins losing moisture. Though the sweat allegedly moistens skin, actually in the depth of epidermis the moisture level catastrophically decreases. It results in delay of processes of regeneration, loss of skin tone, decrease in concentration of collagen and elastin.

Under the influence of ultra-violet radiation photoageing processes become more active: emergence of small wrinkles can be noticed with the naked eye in summer.

Follow these skincare tips in summer for your glowing and healthy skin:

1) Forget about deep peelings to the middle of fall; during the soft peelings don't forget to use products with SPF protection even in a cloudy weather!

2) Clear your skin with delicate products, suitable for your skin type.

3) Use moistening, but not nourishing creams. Even oily skin needs intensive moistening in  summer. Overdrying may lead to becoming even more greasy.

4) Apply protective cream with a SPF factor in 20 min. before going out in the afternoon.

5) Put on sunglasses not to squint. When we squint, we create a basis for formation of mimic wrinkles.

6) Drink water not less than 2 liters a day, apart tea, coffee and other liquids.

7) Include products rich with A, C, E vitamins in your diet. These vitamins – are natural antioxidants which provide youth to skin!

8) Stop smoking. It is proved, that it causes premature ageing!

9) Don't drink to much! Drinking much alcohol over dries your skin.

10) Don't spend much time in a warm bath. It also overdries the skin.

We wish your flawless and healthy skin after the holidays!