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Choosing the best skincare routine for different skin types!

Different skin types require different skincare products. There are five major skin types: normal, oily, dry, sensitive and combination skin.
Normal skin s no signs of dryness, oiliness, can be sensitive. The best solution skin type is to provide it with basic skin care routine. It includes picking up the right moisturizer and the right cleanser. Light lotions and serums are best for normal and combination skin.Anna Lotan`s Facial Serum is the best for normal and combination skin: http://www.annalotanuk.co.uk/…/zolotoi-krem-gel--cream-gel.…
Oily skin requires special skincare products. It has an annoying shine, so the most essential part of the skin care routine is cleansing. Have a look at Clear Foam by Anna Lotan http://www.annalotanuk.co.uk/…/4-a-clear/syvorotka-salvital…
A specially-designed for oily skin cleanser should be used twice a day. It should contain silica, benzoyl peroxide , salicylic acid, that absorb the excess oil. Pick up oil-free moisturizers and gentle exfoliating products.
Dry and sensitive skin need an advanced skincare routine. These skin types need to be hydrated throughout the day. Skincare requires gentle cleansing and toning, for example, Cleansing milk by Anna Lotan http://www.annalotanuk.co.uk/…/zolotoe-molochko--cleansing-… ,rare use of exfoliating products and oily-free moisturizers. Lotions and serums are best for dry and sensitive skin.
Combination skin type is the most common skin type. It can be dry and oily at the same time. The skin care should be gentle, concerning exfoliating and cleansing. Try the best exfoliation for combined skin by Anna Lotan http://www.annalotanuk.co.uk/…/enzimnyi-gommazh-piling-s-ek… . 
But what about moisturizing, there are some things you need to know. For the dry areas of your face, use lotion or cream, for the oily (T-zone) areas, use an oil-free, water-soluble lotion.
All these simple tips will create a skincare routine targeted to your own needs.