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Age doesn‘t matter, isn‘t it?

Although the ageing is natural and unavoidable process, it obviously arises lots of worries and concerns of every woman starting mid-twenties. However this process can be either diminished or controversially aggravated by our certain daily habits. The exposure to the sun and environmental pollution, smoking, alcohol, stress, bad diet, improper skincare (leaving the makeup on the face, constantly changing the care products or using too many at the same time), not sleeping enough – it all contributes to the ageing of the skin. It becomes dry, thin, dull, less elastic and more fragile. 

But don‘t worry, there are several simple actions to slow down a (premature) ageing process and maintain its elasticity and smoothness:
1. Reduce bad influencing factors (your habits) – smoking, tanning, avoid stress, correct your nutrition and consult the beauty therapist for right skincare regime.
2. Cleansing – use gentle creamy cleanser twice a day to remove the makeup and pollutants.
3. Exfoliation is essential for revitalizing your skin by removing dead cells. Skin will look more radiant, fresh and youthful. Have a look on microdermabrasion salon treatment which is considered to be effective in a mature skin care.
4. Masks for deep moisturization once a week and daily hydrating products. 
5. Don‘t forget exercising! Sport is good not only for staying in shape, but also for young and energetic appearance Смайлик «wink»
6. Get your beauty sleep – 8 hours is sufficient for healthy look and it‘s extremely important!
7. Love yourself. Wake up, look in a mirror and say “I am beautiful”, no matter if you just turned 30 or 60 – who cares about that age when your spirit and mind is forever young?