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       The method of "COOL HYDRATION " developed by ANNA LOTAN's laboratory is based on the principle of osmosis! It allows to carry out a deep face peeling without the application of a vaporizer, which use is contraindicated at such problems as seborrhoeic dermatitis, theleangeactesia, veins, acne and a post-acne. The principle of osmosis includes the use of vegetable gels, made of herbs, which on the natural properties are hypotonic to skin, in particular, to her surface. Gels of cactuses, different types of an aloe belong to them. 
       During the application gels moisturize the skin surface, the cells of epidermis are filled with juice of gel plants, and as a result of this, the cells bulk up and intercellular contacts are weakened. Action of "the Cool Hydration" is strengthened at the oclusive wrap with eco-stripes.

     Cosmetic effects:
- strong moistening with the prolonged action;
- light peeling effect;
- calming, cooling, anti-itching effect;
- lifting;
- acceleration of the epitelization;
- smoothing of thin wrinkles;
- the transfer of active ingridients deep in skin.

      After the mask removal there is a thin colloidal film, which helps maintaining the optimum humidity of skin. Doesn't cause puffiness. Significant anti-inflammatory and absorbable effect. Comedones and pigmentary spots are bleached. The lack of active microcells and macrocells, comprising hydrogenant gels, is filled. 
     Cool Hydration allows to clear an epidermis surface of dead cells and by-products of skin activity without thermal and mechanical impact, and also without the application of traditional exfoliants: the peeling acids and abrasives. 
     The hydrogenated skin is capable to perceive active components a wide range of functionally picked up preparations of the ANNA LOTAN company with more efficiency. 
     The method of "Cool Hydration" has won the hearts of many leading beauticians of the world! If you haven't tried it, we recommend to try!