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Different skin types and specific approach!

     Skin is the body’s largest organ. To achieve its optimal health it is important to understand different skin types and conditions. Skin types include normal, oily, dry, sensitive and combination. The type can change over the years - for example it is more likely to have normal type in young age and dry/sensitive while getting older. Skin type depends on several main factors: 
1. Water content, which affects your skin's comfort and elasticity
2. Oil (lipid) content, which affects your skin's softness
3. Sensitivity level
The most often skin conditions are acne, hyperpigmentation, discoloration, redness-prone, ageing, dehydration, couperose.
The professional determination of your personal skin type and condition is important for the skincare regime and ion of right products.
Further we will present information and advices on each type and problem. Anna Lotan offers the treatment for every abovementioned condition. So follow our page for the useful tips!