Exfoliation Tips

To improve your skin, you need a regular exfoliation routine.But it is difficult to be cautious, while sloughing off dead skin cells.We have prepared some necessary tips for you. 

1) Choose gentle products. Avoid irritating ingredients in it 's formula, otherwise you 'll get itchy and red skin. 
2) Don't forget about cleansing and removing all the make-up before applying a scrub. 
3) Try to pick up products , that contain natural ingredients , minerals, oil and gentle exfoliants.
4) Never forget moisturizing the skin after the exfoliation.
5) Pick up the skincare routine due to your skin type.

If your skin is dry or sensitive, do exfoliation only once a week. If you skin is normal, combination or oily exfoliate it twice a week. If you follow all these tips you'll get smooth and glowing skin.