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First aid for the injured skin Anna Lotan!

Deep pore cleansing is one of the key and most popular cosmetic procedures. The skin after cleansing needs special extra care that provides antiseptical effect for the skin, relieves the irritation and restores the natural protective barrier. Especially sensitive skin care needs such care.

Professionals suggest that the ideal way to care for the skin after the treatment is active mask Anna Lotan Azovit Activating Powder. The main ingredient in the mask is alpine moss. It is one of the most powerful natural antiseptic; therefore it soothes the irritated and sensitive skin while protecting it against infections and bacteria.

The mask also reduces pore size and has vasoconstrictor and astringent actions with cooling and whitening effect.

Treatment directions:

• Calming mask after the deep pore cleansing: Take 2/3 Barbados Delicate Oily Skin Balm, mix with 1/3 of powder Azovit Activating. Apply a soft creamy mask with a thick layer for 15 minutes; remove with the dry cotton pad (shake off!).

• You can extend the duration of the mask Azovit Activating and reinforce its cooling effect by using the Black Marine Seaweed Mask, which is applied on top of the mask Azovit Activating. After 20 minutes the combined mask is removed, the remains are shaken with dry cotton pad.

• When rosacea with inflammatory elements, couperose (in conjunction with Black Marine Seaweed Mask).

• Can be used as antiseptic powder in order to complete beauty treatments, during plucked massage on Jacquet, d'arsonvalization and depilation.

• Drying, anti-inflammatory mask for oily skin complicated by acne. Powder Azovit Activating should be diluted by the solution of Planto Minerals for Dry Skin, if necessary, by the medicinal pharmaceutical form (15 drops of Rotokan), to mushy mask,  apply on the skin with a pustular eruptions at acne, and shake.