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Fragile, tight and breaking – when it comes to dry skin

       Itching and tightness feeling, tiny fine flakes and dry patches? Discomfort increases in cold periods and dry climate – sounds familiar? These are the signs of the dry skin type. It is mainly acterized by lack of moisture in the epidermis, the superficial layer of the skin, that can be genetic predisposition or reaction on environmental factors. Extremely dry skin condition is called dermatitis and there are 4 types: allergic (eczema), contact (when exposed to an irritant), atopic (hereditary) and seborrheic. Mature skin is more prone to drying as well. The care for dry skin requires specific knowledge and attitude, consists of right regime and ion of suitable products. It is important to control scratching and touching the skin to avoid further complication as skin thickening, breakage and inflammation.

       Moisturization is the key to maintain skin’s optimal hydration. Avoid hot bathing and scrubbing, apply the moisturizer right after the er. Grape seed oil and antioxidants help to “keep” water in the skin, all products should be soap-free and water-based. On the driest areas apply some thick greasy ointments. However, if you have a serious condition as dermatitis, you must consult with dermatologist.