Hand skin care

     Hands is our daily essential tool, however not receiving enough attention regarding the skin care. Hands are often considered as representation of a woman, her youth and neatness. The sensitive and thin skin of hands is extremely exposed to dirt, irritants, sun, and a necessary sanitary need of regular washing contributes to drying, cracking and wrinkling. With the age, skin becomes less efficicent and recovering as the skin-cell production decreases (by the age fo 30 it frops by 10%). The tops of the hands with thinner skin and less collagen fibers can signs of age first―unlike the thicker-skinned palms. When hands lose plumpness, due to the breakdown of collagen and elastin and the loss of fat, veins and knuckles can start to look more prominent, brown spots appearing because of the sun – it all can play a negative role in your youthful appearance.

Besides regular manicure to keep your nails and fingertips beautiful, take a look what else may contribute to wellness of your hands:

*Use hand cream with medium to high SPF daily
*Anti-pigmentation serums may help reducing brown spots caused by UV
*Wash the dishes only with rubber gloves, and wash your hands in warm (not hot!) water with mild oil-rich soaps.
*After age of 40, use anti-ageing creams to minimize wrinkles and lines
*Regularly moisturize the skin with thick, glycerin containing creams

Stay beautiful!