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How to get rid of pimples fast?

When a pimple pops out it really spoils the mood and appearance of your face. All the methods like soda, bar soaps or toothpaste can be a fast-help , but what to do if they occur too often? What cosmetics to choose to prevent pimples ? We are ready to help you immediately. For a start, choose the right cleansing routine : it should be done with oil-free products , that contain herbal extracts and salicylic acid. The main purpose of cleansing is to remove dirt that cause irritation and pimples. The next step is the right moisturizer, that helps to open and clear pores. Exfoliation should be you regular routine. You can also use a facial brush , that helps opening pores and removing dead skin cells. Concerning cosmetics, pick up the foundation with natural ingredients , mild texture, that would be not only a make-up base, but a treatment. Choose non-alcoholic and water-based make -up and skin products with a high Sunscreen protection. And remember ,that not only the skincare, but the appropriate diet and weight control can help to get rid of toxins and prevent skin problems.