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Leading World Estheticians refuse vaporization!

A growing number of professionals in cosmetology wonder about the method of cleaning the skin. Until today, the only method considered - vaporization. This is really a method of deep cleaning. But, unfortunately, vaporization has a lot of shortcomings :

  • High risk of traumatizing the skin;
  • Failure in one procedure to thoroughly clean all areas of the face (quickly closes the pores);
  • Limitations of cleaning in vascular diseases of the skin


Through research scientist of world renown Anna Lotan created a Revolutionary method of deep cleaning - "Cool hydrogenation" (known as "Cold Hydration")! This method allows for deep facial cleansing without steaming injury to the skin and even helps improve the condition of damaged vessels! Author's method of Anna Lotan has therapeutic and cosmetic effects:

·       A strong and long-lasting hydration of the skin;

·       Soothing, cooling and antipruritic effect;

·       Faster process of regeneration and epithelialization;

·       Smoothing of fine superficial wrinkles;

·       Shortfall active and nutrients, micro and macro elements in the deeper layers of the skin;

·       Easypeelingeffect;

·       Whiteningcomedonesandpigmentation;

·       pronounced anti-inflammatory and resolving effect.

This type of cleaning does not cause swelling and provides a well-groomed appearance of the skin immediately after the procedure, in contrast to the vaporization.

Benefits of "Cool hydrogenation" were highly appreciated by leading cosmetologists all over the world. "Cool hydrogenation" - present and future of manual cleaning of the face.

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