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Redundant cream on the face is harmful!

The proverb «It is never too much» often operates in women’s consciousness when they put cosmetics on their faces. That is to say, much makeup – much beauty. Cosmetologists approve, that such an attitude is harmful to some extend and can be dangerous for your skin. Effectiveness of the remedy is determined not only by its structure, but always by the way of rational usage.

Let’s review, what the skin is. Skin in the human organism has a range of functions: protective, plays a role in respiration, thermoregulation, metabolism and other important processes. Beside, the condition of skin is estimated by us the esthetic point of view. That is why thorough care of skin goes far beyond the borders of hygiene. Scientific institutes, centers and laboratories are engaged in developing and creating new techniques of skin rejuvenation and recovery.

One of the world’s best producers of remedies for  professional cosmetology, biocosmetic laboratory  ANNALOTAN (Israel), offers effective natural drugs with the high level of concentration. It gives an opportunity to minimize the consumption to gain necessary result in care of skin. Without any doubt, specialist-cosmetologist will give advice you a wonderful technique connected both with appointment and dosage. But the habit to use too much cosmetics is almost ineradicable, as our practice has noticed. As a consequence, it is important to understand, what processes occur in the skin, if the dosage of each kind of makeup is actually significant. Lets take our organism like an analogue. What happens, if we eat too much? But what happens, if we do it a certain number of times or systematically? Firstly, these are uncomfortable conditions – we want to sleep, our activity decreases, that is to say allergic reaction of the organism. Later, extra kilograms appear, a great quantity of them, stress on the spine, legs, and, as a result – serious problems with health. And so, there are almost the same processes with the skin. It suffers the curative effect of the remedy, the skin is forced to fight negative influence of drug’s excess. These not only exhaust all the efforts, but harm a lot.  For instance, nobody has the idea to use the whole bottle  with the drugs of a cold at once and wait for rapid recovery. The same situation is her: remedies of biocosmetic laboratory  ANNA LOTAN (Israel) are unique, based on physiological processes of skin regeneration and require proper usage. Due to it these drugs start up mechanisms of rejuvenation and recovery.

Friends, do not spare anything for you! Put lotions, gels, creams, serums and all existing best remedies! But do it measuredly and reasonably!  Have healthy appearance!