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Picking up the lotion.

If you have problematic skin it is very difficult to pick up the right moisturizer.
If your skin is oily, acne-prone or combination, it needs a special type of moisturizing. The best solution is the right lotion .

The right lotion has an appropriate formula , that doesn't influence producing extra oil as creams.This propolis lotion contains all the ingridients, that are neccessary for your skin.
Such lotions usually have mild and light texture and non -greasy formula. 
Remember, that lotion is not only just a cosmetic product , but a treatment.

It should include natural ingredients , such as salicylic acid to heal the skin. Avoid oils and prefer water-based products, in order to prevent the breakouts. Never escape moisturizing, because the right product will definitely improve the quality of your complexion and healthy appearance.