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Picking up the right cleanser.

Making the right choice in finding an appropriate cleanser is very important. It influences not only the quality of your skin, but health and condifence in your everyday look. To improve the skin, there are five major rules:

1) The right cleanser should be appropriate for your skin type. If you have problems in distinguishing your skin type, you can choose a cleanser that works for all types. This kind of cleanser shouldn`t contain a lot of soap in it.

2) A multipurpose cleanser must be appropriate for sensitive and acne prone skin, as this kind of product formulated to avoid irritation or dehydration

3) The right cleanser has ingredients of natural origins in it`s composition. Such ingridients are best for removing debris, impurities and giving a healthy look to your face.

4)  It should include salicylic acid, as it enters pores to and reduces blackheads and blemishes.

5) The best  rule in picking up the right cleanser is better  choose too gentle one, than too harsh.