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Proper care of skin before, at the time and after doing sports

Active lifestyle of modern human being includes attendance gyms, swimming pools, dancing clubs, yoga classes and a great variety of other kinds of sport depending on interests, necessities and tastes.

However, we often forget about proper care of skin of face and body when giving great load. It is worth to be meant, that some changes occur in the skin during physical exertions: blood circulation increases, secretory activity grows, pores open.

Now, let’s imagine, that you have come on your physical training with decorative makeup on your face. To addition, if it is evening, some deposited micro particles of mud are still on your face. 

In order to doing sports contributes strengthening the health, beauty and the whole vitality without any harm for skin, ANNA LOTAN recommends:

Occupations in swimming pool are especially specific, because the skin faces with influence of aggressive disinfectant substances in water. That is why, if it is an ordinary swimming pool, but not a bath with mineral water, cream with dense texture and moisture repellent properties will perfectly fit for protection of the skin – Renova balsam for dry skin / Renova Dry Skin Balm or Cream-oil night/daily care of skin – protection free radicals / Day & Night Protective Butter SPF 5.

Negative impact of chemical substances, which were absorbed by the skin during swimming, will be perfectly removed by Natural Peeling and Bio Mineral Scrub. After that put Marine humidifier “Liquid Gold” / Marine Fluid and moisturizing cream on the skin according to dermal type.

According to necessary measure moisturize the skin of the body with the cream Delicate cream-oil for body / Pampering Body Butter or Cream for body “Greens”/ Body Cream Greens.

Cream-deodorant / Deodorant Fluid and Antiperspirant cream-deodorant / Antiperspirant Cream are universal remedies, which will help to withstand each load for body without unpleasant smell and with conservation of natural process of sweating. It provides your comfortable condition and will help to avoid the appearance of sudoriferous spots on the clothes.