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Care of sensitive "fragile" skin with redness (couperosis)

Sensitive, "fragile", prone to couperosis skin is a condition of the skin, in which the skin looks red because of the presence of small point hemorrhages and single (often in the form of  the mesh) visible varicose veins crimson to deep red. Redness of the skin is the determining factor of such the disease of facial skin as rosacea. However, despite the similar appearance, couperosis and rosacea significantly differ each other and belong to different categories of skin problems. 

Always consult with a dermatologist to determine the correct condition of your skin and installation of the correct diagnosis for appropriate treatment.

Couperosis is more common among people with sensitive to external factors skin, it responds to them in the way of redness or inflammation. Such reaction of the skin could happen because of temperature changes, poor diet, alcohol, smoking, stress, washing or even touching, as well as an external manifestation of internal diseases. Capillaries have elastic walls in normal skin, which are able to actively expand, when it is necessary to strengthen the blood circulation and shrink, when blood supply is reduced. Sensitive skin has weak elastic thin capillary walls, which expand under  blood pressure more, than usual, and  vice versa cannot be narrowed, which leads to permanent redness.

 The appearance of couperosis is most frequently associated with a genetic predisposition. This condition is most likely to occur on dry, thin, sensitive skin; isolated dilated capillaries often appear on combined and oily facial skin.

The main purpose of an effective program of care for sensitive, prone to couperosis skin is based on the strengthening of capillary walls, and drugs with soothing and cooling effect remove redness and discomfort.

the standpoint of cosmetic procedures, it is absolutely unacceptable to use in skin care, suffering couperosis, abrasive peelings and scrubs, occlusal cosmetic procedures, as well as drugs, actively stimulates the metabolic processes in the skin. You also should  be very careful with the usage of drugs with strong astringent properties, because it is proved, that their influence on capillary walls is not positive  (as was the custom for a long time to consider), straining and weakening their walls even more.

 For long-term effect in the care of this type of skin it is recommended to apply drugs, which are based on fruity acids (AHA). The gradual renewal of the skin will contribute to the regeneration and thickening of the epidermis, thus reducing the visibility of capillaries. The usage of such remedies should be accompanied by the daily usage of drugs with a wide spectrum protection UV radiation. 

Especial features of makeup for couperosis skin:

1. Carefully your main color toners. Beige color tone with a hint of green pigment neutralizes redness. Avoid the use of reddish tones that highlight the skin tone.

2. Try not to use rouge and lipstick in cool pink tones and eye shadow in blue or violet tones, which highlight the redness.

3. If your primary means of tinting do not provide the necessary effect, it is recommended to use a corrector of beige shade. It can be used on the top of the main means of toner, and as a makeup base during strong redness.

4. Anna Lotan recommends to use as the primary means of toning moisturizing and protective  UV radiation drug – foundation cream Premium BB Cream!!!