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Special care for combination skin

The main purpose of the skincare for this type is to achieve balanced complexion . As the T-zone is usually oily, and other parts are dry, it is essential to use the appropriate products for each part ,or universal ones. Use liquid, water-based and oil absorbing products. And for dry parts choose rich moisturizers, lotions with creamy texture. The most important and the most dangerous part of the advanced skincare is toning. A good toner is a real help in balancing you skin, but avoid irritating ingredients. It shouldn't include citrus extracts and oils, alcohol or fragnance. Concerning cleansing, pick up mild products, that don't contain bar. Exfoliate oily parts more often then dry. Don't forget to treat those parts in a different way, even before the make-up routine. Apply matte foundation on your nose and forehead . But use a primer or serum before the foundation on the other parts.