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Special care for sensitive skin.

     Sensitive skin means excessive dryness and tendency to damages, blushes, itches ,irritations and redness. Such skin requires special advanced care and we are ready to help you with the most necessary aspects. To begin with , the key words to define your cosmetics should be :"mild" , "non-toxic", "hypo-allergenic". Your daily routine should include ultra-mild cleansing . Choose non - alcoholic products with herbal or fruit extracts that reduce dryness. Try oils , that soften your skin. If you still feeling discomfort and your skin is tight, get rid of this product. Forget about everyday simple toners, as they can damage your skin, choose toning products with a very mild texture. Moisturizing should be extensive. The right moisturizer must  soothe and hydrate. Prefer natural ingredients , such as aloe Vera, coconut oil or propolis, to chemical ones. Choose very gentle exfoliation products and apply special oily facial masks twice a week, especially in winter. Never forget to remove make-up , try to reduce the use of cosmetics and protect your skin in sun and winter.