Sun protection

     Everyone is enjoying summer, isn’t it? While spending time outside these warm sunny days, don’t forget about your skin protection! Sunscreens (creams, lotions, oils) are products combining several ingredients that help to prevent the dangerous sun's ultraviolet radiation (UVA & UVB) reaching the skin. UVB rays are mostly damaging the skin causing sunburns, while UVA are associated with wrinkling, photoaging and the risk of skin cancer. The measure of the sunscreen effect is Sun Protection Factor (SPF) that ranges 2 to 50+. 

Many daily products, as lotions or moisturizers, include the SPF that can be sufficient for few minutes of exposure to the sun, but if you spend the whole day outdoors, you should think about greater protection (20+).

Anna Lotan offers a number of sun protectors in different product lines – for each skin type, with a broad range of UVA and UVB protection and water-resistance. 

Our MakeUp products also include SPF: 

Concealing Powder Foundation Honey SPF17 (200-203)

Botanical Non Oily Makeup (501-503)

Oil Free Formula Foundation (570-571)

Perfectone Powder Cream Makeup (111-116)

Premium BB Cream (3290-3293)

Read more about the sun protection by World Health Organization

Here you can see the list of Anna Lotan sun products and choose the most suitable one[1382]=1382