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Myths about sunscreen cosmetics. Myth 1

SPF in the composition of the cream guarantees protection the sun.

Actually not every cream with SPF will completely protect the skin ultraviolet radiation.Ultraviolet rays are divided into three types: A, B and C. C-rays are almost completely absorbed by the Earth atmosphere, but A- and B- rays (UVA and UVB) penetrate through the atmosphere effect our skin.B-rays are less powerful than A ones, but the damage caused by them is visible on the skin at once (these are burns, abnormal cell mutations and, as

consequence, the development of skin cancer), so drugs basically protect this radiation and designation SPFwith its numerical value is put on packages. At the same time B-rays have less powerful impact that manifests itself after some time, but they penetrate more deeply into the skin and provoke the appearance on the skin pigmentary spots, freckles, moles, reduce skin resilience and elasticity, and, as the result, the skin becomes dry, rough and ages more rapidly.

Thus, it is necessary to remedies which have a broad spectrum of protection.Such remedies  Anna Lotan, as GREENS Camellia Tinted Day Cream, Barbados Natural Sunscreen Lotion, Liquid Gold Golden Sun Block, C White Daytime Protection, Renova Protective Daily Moisturizer, Alodem Green Tea Protective Lotion, Concealing Powder Foundation Honey, Perfectone Powder, Premium BB Cream have a high level of protection UVA and UVB, and will reliably protect the skin solar activity during any time of year!