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The right cleansing!

Choosing the right skincare routine is essential to have a glowing and healthy skin. We 've prepared some tips for you to help with this choice.

     1)To remove all the dirt , make up and bacteria the surface , it' s enough only to provide a two-step cleansing. It involves removing make-up and deep cleansing with an appropriate product. Avoid the third step that involves regular exfoliation, as it over dries the skin.

     2) For dry and sensitive skin choose creamy lotions with a very mild texture . For oily and normal skin it' s better to pick up some kind of a micellar water cleanser.

     3) For the next step ,pick up any kind of a very gentle foam for deep cleansing. It should include oil in it' s formula to prevent dryness.

     4) If you still believe that you need an extra step, it's better to apply a mild toner, that reduces pore size .

And be careful ! Never forget that cleanser for eye-zone should be milder , than the product , that you apply on your face.