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Too shiny face or how to take care of oily skin

“Shine bright like a diamond” is a nice quote but only if not related to the oily shining face. Greasy skin with excessive oil production is another problem of modern women who want to look always neat and pretty – it is quite hard to be confident when your makeup is melting in a first half of the day, isn’t it?

For people who are concerned why their skin is reacting in this way, we present 9 common causes of increased sebaceous gland activity: genetics – if your family members have this skin type it’s more likely for you to develop it as well, if it’s aggravated by overuse or incorrect use of skincare products, hormonal shifts, seasonal changes, stress, medication (hormonal or causing skin dehydration) and even tanning – although it feels like drying the skin, in fact the glands are producing more oil to protect the skin‘s surface an „injury“. Exaggerated skin cleansing and scrubbing may also lead to secretion increase so pay attention on your daily care style.

Use a gentle cleanser – for warm period you may use a stronger deeper cleanser, but in a cold time clean your skin very carefully, don‘t use soap. It will be more helpful if the product contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Choose oil-free, mineral, water-based cosmetics, take care about proper light moisturizer. Replace thick lotions and creams with serums, gels or liquids. Although blotting papers are considered as a perfect way for fast removal of the exceed oil, recent studies s that it controversally blocks the pores with invisible dust and dirt skin surface, causing acne and inflammations. Lasers and chemical peels is also an effective treatment option.

Remember that oil production is a normal skin function. People with oily skin tend to have less wrinkles Смайлик «smile» so don‘t exaggerate your efforts, just find the best way to control it!