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BOTTOX will compensate lost time

According to sociological research, 87 % of individuals are not satisfied with their appearance. The more part of respondents considers,  the main problem is skin rejuvenating, which presents as appearing of skin wrinkles, decreasing of elasticity and natural shine. The procedure of wrinkle correction with the help of BOTTOX injections inspired especial optimism among the whole number of  respondents.

Traditionally, BOTTOX is an intramuscular injection. It is usually given in the facial muscles, it temporarily blocks their recipiency to nerve impulses. Due to this blockade the whole muscle or only a part of it relaxes, ceases to contract and wrinkles, formed by it, are smoothed. The result is immediate, but impermanent; it requires some certain victims.

In addition to it, an old good story is worth to be recalled, when a man comes to a solarium and asks to record him for 2 hours of procedures of tanning.  He is explained, that he should begin a few minutes and then gradually increase exposure time. The man denied this statement, just because of he had the task: “I don’t know…, but two hours later my wife should see, that I have been at the sea for 2 last months”.  So with BOTTOX, we are ready to make sacrifices for the sake of instantly noticeable effect. However, that is not enough uniquely. The procedure has a high risk, both the standpoint of aesthetics, and in the terms of health. The result may be exact opposite, and the possibility of allergy, painful feelings, uncomfortable condition is observed almost in 100% of cases. Moreover, the visual result comes only after 5-7 days, when the injection marks disappear and BOTTOX equally spreads under the skin. And all this is for 4-6 months, after which the procedure is to be carried out again. Some issues connected with general condition of the skin, its color, moisture and shine, still stay open, just because the oldness is frightening not only for wrinkles.

However, it is worth to be meant, that «coming» of the substances in cosmetics, which have been used in medicine before, and implementation of nano- and biotechnologies, allow to solve the problem of skin rejuvenation on a high modern level without the usage of BOTTOX.

Particularly, biocosmetic laboratory АNNA LOTAN (Israel) has created highly efficient recipes of the line GREENS, which partially block the transmission of nerve impulses and provide modulation constriction of facial muscles. Clinical research have n a brilliant result: reduction of mimic wrinkles on 17% in the age group of 40-60 years occurred in 14 days and on 30% after the regular usage of GREENS complex.

Such an effect of miorelaxation, that is to say stress relieving muscles, is achieved due to peptide complexes and unique components, which are the part of composition and they are identical to our skin. Besides, such the structure of  GREENS starts up the process of activation of cell’s metabolism, recovers barrier qualities and improves the ability of skin to preserve moisturize, increases dermal elasticity and protective ability. Thus, we gain complex effect without injections. On the one side, it means elimination of mimic wrinkles (BOTTOX principle), and on the other one, it is the influence, which prevents general process of skin degradation.

I long to offer a compact excursion over scientific research in order to accurately understand the mechanism of impact on physiological processes of skin of GREENS complex. Constantly increasing degradation of intercellular substance of the dermis is an important reason of age-related changes of the skin. Dermis, as we know, is the connective tissue, which consists of collagen, elastin and argyrophilic fibers (extracellular matrix). With aging, the one side, synthetic activity of fibroblasts (these are the cells, which produce intracellular matrix) decreases; but the other side, matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) (these are ferments, which damage intracellular matrix) become active. Disproportion between synthesis and degradation can be corrected with the help of peptides, which are the part of structure of GREENS complex. The mechanism of biological effect of peptide “Mioxinol” is connected with stimulation of synthetic fibroblast’s activity. This peptide repeats a fragment of the protein chain of collagen, comes externally and contributes the activation of synthesis of natural collagen and elastin, that is to say, intercellular substance of the dermis renews. In such a way, peptide complex Mioxinol/ Argireline has both a great miorelaxant effect and contributes he synthesis of natural collagen in the skin. This is a reasonable alternative if BOTTOX injections.

Biocosmetic laboratory АNNA LOTAN develops and creates remedies, which effect is based on natural processes of dermal functioning and regeneration.  It allows to start up natural mechanisms of rejuvenation and recovery with long lasting effect and the high level of influence without any harm. Moreover, it is worth to be noticed, that АNNA LOTAN techniques give the opportunity to combine remedies to modulate the level of effectiveness without inflation of cosmetic influence.

Indisputably, every person s his/her own way to beauty. So, my choice is АNNA LOTAN! What about You?