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What treatments aren't recommended in summer? Rules and bans.

We want to be beautiful and attractive especially in summer! But you should be very careful in a pursuit of beauty! There are some treatments, which experts don't recommend to do during this period. All pre-cautions of beauticians are connected with the excessive summer activity of the sun. Ultraviolet rays are dangerous for skin, which becomes even more vulnerable and gentle after the treatments. 

Avoid doing in summer: 

1) Mid and deep peelings;
2) Bleaching;
3) Photorejuvenation;
4) Photoepilation;
5) Removal of birthmarks, papillomas, vascular networks and others;
6) Hot wrappings.

Choose moistening and restoring treatments during the summer period.

What can we recommend for the home care:
1) Apply moisturizing creams or cream-gels with a light texture on your skin in the morning
2) Use protective products with SPF 30 outdoors

Anna Lotan products with sunscreen.
3) Moisten the skin with thermal water every day, even after applying your make- up. 

Thermal water- based Mineral Splash will be perfectly suitable for moistening! 
Collagen in it's composition provides enhanced deep moistening action; Sclerotium Gum and allantoin provide soothing reddenings removal.

The most important is don't get too enamoured with sun! Tanned body looks perfect, but think of the harm, that rays may do to our skin. The ultraviolet dries the skin, reduces elasticity, stimulates aging, destroying fibers of elastin and collagen.