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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of the Enzymatic Peeling?

If you hear the words «skin peeling» and just imagine the red, irritated, inflamed skin, you should know more about this kind of treatment. Nevertheless peeling still play a major role in resurfacing the skin.
Enzymatic Peeling is considered to be one of the most gentle peeling options, gentler and more convenient than you ever could imagine.
What is the secret?
• The fact is that enzymatic peeling does not hurt and injure the skin, you can feel the visible effect after the first treatment and you don’t need any recovery period for your skin.
• It is suitable for any time of year(even in summertime) and for all types of skin, including sensitive and problematic;
• If you are pregnant, don’t worry. This treatment is absolutely natural.
For smoother, more radiant skin that you can achieve at home, Enzymatic Gommage Peeling mask of Anna Lotan is your best friend. A rich range of active moisturizing components (Polysacides, Amino acids and Hyaluronic acid) balance and moderate the peeling and contribute to the hydration of the skin during treatment.
A comprehensive care, including enzymatic peeling, will give you a nice, clean and healthy skin!