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Perfect offer!

Don’t miss out to buy 12 products of Anna Lotan with a special discount -10%!

1-Classic Pearl Mask (250ml)

2-Siky Tips for damaged hair (250ml)

3-Deodorant Fresh look for men (100ml)

4-Antiperspirant cream (50ml)

5-Herbora Massage Cream (250ml)

6-Clear Cream Mask Provit for oily problem skin (225ml)

7-Clear Peeling Rinse off Exfoliating Scrub (100ml)

8-Clear Mineral Liquid Soap for oily problem skin (500ml)

9-Clear Black Silt Natural Activating Facial Mask with Dead Sea Black Mud (300gr)

10-Clear Skin Balancer for oily problem skin (200ml)

11-Clear Mask Soothing Moisture Balance (100ml)

12-Greens Body Cream 99% natural (150ml)

The offer is valid until the 24th of November!

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