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Cleansing with Anna Lotan!

Until 24.12.2015!

Cleansers only
100-200ml - £8.99,
500ml - £13.59 !

List of promotional products:

GREENS Extra Mild Facial Foam, 200ml,

A.Clear Mineral Liquid Soap, 200ml,

Alodem Calendula Cleansing Emulsion, 200ml,

Barbados Mineral Cleansing Gel, 200ml,

Classic Creamy Foaming Gel, 200ml,

Renova Universal Cleansing Gel, 200ml,

Liquid Gold Cleansing Milk, 200ml,

Liquid Gold Facial Foaming, 200ml,

Professional Make-Up Remover >99% Natural, 100ml,

CLEAR Foam Purifying Cleanser, 125ml,

Barbados Foam Purifying Cleanser, 125ml,

New Age Control Purifying Liquid Soap, 500ml,

A.Clear Mineral Liquid Soap, 500ml,

Liquid Gold Cleansing Milk, 500ml.