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Fantastic Christmas OFFER!

Special offer for YOU, dear beauticians!

Christmas cosmetic sets! 
Buy three products for the price of two! 

Only till December 18st!

Treat yourself and the loved ones with professional care by Anna Lotan!

*Read the list of promotional products in the end!

The list of promotional sets:

code name Product
№1 86 A.Clear Dead Sea Bio-Peel Salvital 125ml
13 A.Clear Propolis Lotion For Oily Problem Skin 200ml
153 A.Clear Provit Cream Mask for Oily Skin 40ml
№2 277 Alodem Calendula Cleansing Emulsion 200ml 
172 Alodem Extramel Night Cream 50ml 
778 Alodem Soothing Mask 70ml 
№3 51 Barbados Bio Toner for Face & Scalp 100ml
144 Barbados Naturally Preserved Pure Balm 50ml
80 Barbados Purifying Hydrophilic Cleanser  50ml
№4 103 C White Formula SPF14 50ml
119 C White Green Tea Cleansing Foam 125ml
234 C White Lightening Care Fresh Sprouts Facial Mask 70ml
№5 325 Classic Creamy Foaming Gel  200ml
327 Classic Grenadine Pomegranate Serum with Ester C 15ml
94 Classic Pearl Mask 60ml
№6 803 Clear Foam Purifying Cleanser
802 Clear Hamamelis Moisturizer
805 Clear Mask Soothing Moisture Balance
№7 218 Golden Day Cream 60ml
236 Liquid Gold Facial Toner 200ml
139 Liquid Gold Foam Wash 50ml
№8 417 GREENS Garden Cress Mask 70ml
413 GREENS Japanese Gel Natural Eye Makeup Remover 40ml
404 GREENS Replenishing Balm 50ml
№9 4050 New Age Control Active Beautifying Night Cream 250ml
4104 New Age Control Puriying Liquid Soap 500ml
4248 New Age Control Revitalizing AHA Face Lotion 200ml
№10 87 Renova Beauty Mask for Dry Skin 70ml
793 Renova Dry Skin Care Daytime Protection 50ml
21 Renova Dry Skin Care Facial Toner 200ml
№11 243P PRO Creme Extreme SPF33 75ml
383P PRO Pastis MAsk for Oily Problem, Skin 100ml
811S PRO Seba-Flow Mild & Deep Cleanser 75ml