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Healing Aloe Leaf Juice!

Special offer! 

Untill 20.05.2016!

-30% discount for the Anna Lotan's products with Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice!

* The discount extends on a basic price list. Get the list of discount products  our meneger - tel.: +44(0)7702910375

There is a big difference between the natural fresh aloe juice and the reconstituted sublimed one! Natural juice is much more effective and provides healing action. 

Fresh aloe juice can transfer vitamins, amino acids and other healthy elements directly to the skin's epidermis 4 times faster than water! At it's application the aloe juice immediately gets into the deep layers of skin, moisturizing it at the all levels and nourishing the skin with active ingridients.

Anna Lotan's products include not a reconstituted, but a fresh aloe juice!

This helps Anna Lotan products conform with the high standards of quality and remain the best!