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Productive fight against wrinkles!

Dear Beautician!

Untill 06.05.2016!

30% for the Anna Lotan’s products lifting effect!

Attention! Quantity of the product is limited!

* The discount extends on a basic price list.

Get the list of discount products our meneger - tel.: +44(0)7702910375

The list of discount products:

GREENS Instant Lift 30ml

GREENS Naturally Preserved Body Cream 400ml

GREENS Pure Essence Skin Supplement 30ml

GREENS Replenishing Balm 50ml

GREENS Vital Lifting Fluid 50ml

GREENS Wrinkle Relaxing Balm 30ml

Lifting Eye Contour Fluid Gel 100ml

8 vials Lifting Fluid Instant Toning