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Minimizing redness - Alodem Treatment

For whom is this treatment best?

The Alodem product line is designed for fragile skin with a tendency to easily develop redness. Skin which is acterized by a web of capillaries that are visible due to their proximity to the surface.
This predisposition rests in genetic heritage, however nutrition and a modern lifestyle, which creates an artificial enviroment aroud us (dimate control at home, at work and even in the car), may aggravate it further. Sensetive skin, exposed to these conditions, can react to environmental stress with excessive redness.
Two skin types may be identified:
 - Dry, thin skin,
 - Normal to Oily skin, thickened by age, usually "warm" with an increased tendency to perspire
Alodem will normaly be suitable for both groups, however, as treatment progresses, it is recommended to personalize the treatment intensity according to individual sensitivity.

The treatment approach.

The cosmetic means at our disposal are limited.
Reducing stress, whenever possible, is always helpful. 
The list of prohibitions (what should be avoided) related to lifestyle is long and indudes: smoking, coffee, sun, exposure to hot and dry air.
In terms of cosmetic treatments, harsh actions such as: Abrasive peels, Heat related treatments, Occlusive preparation and Metabolic stimulation should be avoided. The wide use of Astringents - usually popular for this condition - has proven to be too demanding for "tired", fragile capillaries.


Anna Lotan Treatment principles.

- Assist the natural thermal regulation of the skin - using hydration, soothing and strees relief
- Personalized, progressive and long-term rehabilitation of the skin providing night Repair and day Defense.
- Careful use of AHAs to accelerate skin renewal (at night) which, in turn, will gradually strengthen and thicken the epidermis rendering it less transparent
- Broad spectrum daytime protection - using non occlusive, water based formulations.


Step by Step: