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Pigmentation Reducing - C Lightening Treatment

For whom is this treatment best suited?

Hyper-pigmentation is an indication of the skins natural defense mechanism in action. It has become closely linked in our minds with aging and there is no escape it for most of the population. Our modern lifestyle, which involves intense outdoor activity and fashions that expose larger parts of our body, means that the depleting ozone layer can no longer protect us cumulative UV damage. The added effect of pollutants and their free radicals further aggravates this UV damage. Additionally, certain medications, dietary and cosmetic components (particularly perfume compounds) have been n to directly contribute to the problem. The result is a darkening of the exposed, ill protected skin areas or hyper-pigmentation. Nevertheless, none of us has given up the desire for a fair, even toned skin and the demand for safe and effective lightening products continues to grow.


The tretment approach.

Unfortunately, the “magic skin lightener” that is both safe and effective has not yet been discovered. The formation of melanocytes in the dermis and their gradual rise to the upper layers of the epidermis as dark spots is an expression of a natural skin protective process against the serious damage of UV radiation. Disrupting this protective mechanism poses a health risk. Therefore, any skin lightening program should be considered with care! It is possible to safely lighten hyper pigmentation - but we should accept that it is a slow and continuous process. We have adopted an approach which is skin supportive, rather than blocking a skin protective mechanism. 


Anna Lotan Treatment Principles

- First, it is important to understand the circumstances that have led to hyper-pigmentation and avoid them, if possible, in terms of medical condition or change of life style.  
- “Religious” use of effective UVA (and UVB) protection during daytime. 
- Consider the skin type time when ing products for everyday use. 
- Strengthen the protective potential of the skin care regimen with active antioxidants, to minimize the damage of the “free radical link”, and increase the skin’s resilience against radiation stress. Use of dietary supplements with active antioxidants can also be supportive. 
- Avoid abrasion (friction or mechanical rubbing of the skin) in normal day to day activity as well as in the cosmetic salon. Abraded skin will be the first to develop “protective” hyper-pigmentation. 
- However, accelerated skin renewal programs (peeling) are an important part of the lightening care. 
- Calming, mild preparations are always preferred! Irritated skin will rapidly mobilize melanin for self protection!  
- Avoid unnecessary exposure to UV light. 
- Use safe, skin friendly ingredients that are known to give a lightening effect. Even if not so many right now available due to the increase in demand  (Licorice, Mulberry, …) actives in that direction will be researched and made available.


Step by Step: