Home Treatments Protecting the Skin & Maintaining the beauty of the face! Protecting the Skin & Maintaining the beauty of the face - Classic Treatment

Protecting the Skin & Maintaining the beauty of the face - Classic Treatment

For whom is this treatment best suited?

The Anna Lotan Classic Experience kit is designed to introduce you to the Anna Lotan Classic Care line, skin care products formulated specifically for treating Normal (combination to dry) skin types (young or mature). 
The kit provides step by step instruction and sufficient product to allow you to give three full facial and learn the experience (as well as examine your clients feedback to the treatment).
As with all our products, the Anna Lotan Classic series is based on the Anna Lotan Treatment Principles.
The Modular Principle that allows the esthetician to customize the treatment to individual client needs is confined to the Peeling of this series. 
You may choose between:
- A mild Enzymatic Peeling mask that in gentle to the skin and removed by Gommage technique. Or,
- A Micro Crystal Dermabrasion Peel - utlising a new dermabrasion cream for the more active exfoliation of skin conditions that can tolerate it.

All the formulation in the Classic Care line have been designed with tender loving care to suit the needs of the more delicate skin types.


The tretment approach.
the start, the guiding principle for the Classic series was effective minimalism.
Longstanding experience in developing personal care products brought us to the conclusion that the careful ion of just a few premium quality components will save or minimize many skin sensitivity reactions.
Intensive Hydration of the skin - not only in preparation for treatment, but also for home care, significantly improves the results of most care products.
Careful Exfoliation - Provided the intensity is adapted for individual skin tolerance, exfoliation promotes and enhances skin renewal significantly delivering a rejuvenated appearance!
Effective UV protection - combined with potent antioxidants - is key to preventing premature aging. The protective Day Cream in the series, which also provides broad spectrum UV protection, is so pleasant to use that it becomes a dependable environmental protection.
The softening Night Cream - is enriched with a high quality antioxidant (SOD) that provides optimal free radical protection. Results may be felt within just a few days of use.
The rich Pomegranate Serum - blends well with any cream or decorative care (makeup) and is enriched with a stable, lipid derivative (ester) of Vitamin C, for additional environmental protection.


The Treatment benefits to be expected?

- Smooth and hydrated skin
- A fresh appearance, enhanced skin softens with increased flexibility.
- Effective protection against all environmental hazards (especially harmful solar radiation) to prevent premature aging.
- Excellent skin tolerance even for delicate skin.
- A limited number of care products (for salon and home care), each one designed for maximum benefit.

Step by Step: