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Regenerative care for dry skin - Liquid Gold Treatment

The Liquid Gold line offers a treatment for:

Normal to Dry Skin;
Dehydraten Skin

Especially for delicate skin types, young or mature. Some of the products have been clinically tested and found to be hypoallergenic and suitadle for sensitive skin.

Treatment Benefits:
Smoother skin, saturated with moisture;
Fresh, nurtured appearance with improved elasticity;
Effective protection environmental damage to combat premature aging;
Optimal skin tolerance even for delicate skin;
The wealth of vitamins and trace elements, found naturally in the seabuckthorn oil;
Minimized appearance of fine lines


The tretment approach.
There is a "catch" in the formulation of most moisturizers designated for dry skin - the use of surfactants (the chemical that dind oils to water? which are antagonists by nature). surfactants are used to stabilize formulations, by preventing phase quickly disappears due to evaporation? as a result of body temperature and exposure to air. This leaves only a ligth film of oily components on the skin surface? together with the "thirsty" Surfactant (which is hydrophilic by its chemical nature).

In reality, many moisturizers offer only a few minutes of moisturizing activity before there is a sensation of dryness on the surface, which is sometimes even more than if no cream had been applied.
In the liquid gold line? surfactants are minimized or totally omitted ver possible, thus maximizing both the immediate and longer term skin benefit.

Anna Lotan Treatment principles.
The guideline for Liquid gold is to minimize (or totally omit) the use of surfactants (emulsifiers) for product stabilization.
This principle not only contributes to improve the immediate skin benefit of the products but also contributes a cumulative effect.

Step by Step: