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Stop Ance, no oily shine! - Clear Treatment


For whom is this treatment best?

- This treatment is designed for oily skin with blackheads that may also suffer breakouts.
- The treatment is also suitable for oily skin areas (of combination skin) that require deep pore cleansing in order to minimize breakouts.



Oily acne prone skin (both adolescent and abult) is the most common condition of those who seek the help of a professional esthetician. Their immediate concern is the appearence of impure skin. For many a more serious concern is awareness that clogged pores untreatedfor an extended period may result in ance scarring.

The treatment approach.

The problem of acne prone skin is due to a genetic condition associated with the activity of the sebaceous glands and thus cannot be changed at will. It may be aggravated due to over-drying of the external skin surface, preventing the free flow of sebum, stress, environmental pollution and probably also nutrition.
It is acterized by enlarged pores that tend to become clogged (as blackheads) and which may easily develop into an inflammation.
While medical treatment of this condition may involve systemic medications (such as vitamin A derivatives or antibiotics), the Anna Lotan approach is based on an effective deep pore cleansing in the salon followed by preventive cosmetic daily care that avoids over drying while maintaining optimal hygienic conditions.
All preparations used are naturally based. All carriers have been especially ed to make the most of the active herbal ingredients to achieve the treatment goals: hydrate, purify and balance oily acne prone skin.

Anna Lotan Treatment principles.

- Unclog the skin pores to allow free flow of sebum using an effective surface exfoliation and deep pore cleansing technique.
- Avoid the use of heat during treatment to prevent inflammation spreading - by using a cold hydration method.
- Maintain the hygienic conditions of the skin surface during treatment, to accelerate healing at home as well.
- Use mild preparations offering optimal skin tolerance.
- Avoid dehydration of the skin that may clog the pores.
- Protect the skin against developing hyper-pigmentation in blemished areas.
- Employ a modular approach allowing the intensity of the treatment to be adapted to individual oily skin conditions.

Step by Step: