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Tender Calming Care - Barbados Treatment

For whom is this treatment best?

This gentle treatment is ideal for a wide range of skin types whose skin is/was oily or combination by nature, even though it may appear to be dry, or scaly, on the surface. These are easily diagnosed under a magnifying glass and termed as:
   - Seborrheicskin - Redness and scaling on the scalp and T-zone.
   - Sensitive Combination skin - Fragile skin which gives a positive response in a dermatographic test, or which is self - diagnosed by the clients themselves based on their own, or their family history.
   - Oily, post - adolescent skin.


The treatment approach.

Seborrheic skin is usually considered as a condition resulting an over-production of the sebaceous glands: Sebo - the body's natural oil glands & rhea - flow.
The excess waxy secretions coat the dead skin cells, causing them to adhere to each other which slows down their natural shedding the skin surface.
These wax coated scales can easily become a convenient shelter for microorganisms, particularly a yeast called malassezia (or pityrosporum ovale) which may cause local irritation expressed as redness and local itch.
While medical treatment of this condition is usually based on cortisones or anti fungal medications, the Anna Lotan approach is based on a preventive cosmetic daily care, maintaining special hygienic conditions on a smooth, perfectly cleansed skin to minimize growth of this flora. 

Anna Lotan Treatment Principles:
- Preparation of the skin for easy detachment of dead cells and scales though intensive hydration.
- Ultra mild exfoliation by means of a gentle bio-peel, free acids or abrasive particles, avoiding surface damage for this delicate skin.
- Maintaining the skin calm and cool throughout the treatment using skin friendly formulations, with optimal skin tolerance, and avoiding occlusive or thermal treatments.
- Employing natural active ingredients to maintain the special hygienic surface conditions which inhibit growth of surface flora.
- Following the attached protocol will allow you to experience and evaluate the benefits of the Barbados treatment for this skin type at firsthand.
Step by Step: