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Wrinkle correction peptide complex - Greens Treatment


For whom is this treatment best?
The Greens Treatment line offers an effective, safe, long term luxurious care for normal to dry skin. As an anti wrinkle care line it is ideal for mature skin.
Greens may be used as single, or a series of several, treatments followed by complementary home care.


Treatment Benefits:

Firming the skin and smoothing expression lines;
Improving the skin's texture and flexibility;
Enhancing the skin's moisture retention and fresh appearance;

Supporting the skin's protective lipid barrier.

The treatment approach

The levels of Collagen and Elastin gradually decrease with age, reducing skin tone and elasticity. The Sebum production becomes insufficient to retain the skin's natural moisture level. The skin becomes even more vulnerable to UV radiation and environmental pollution, resulting in visible damage - more wrinkles and hyper-pigmented age spots.
Dry skin is especially affected by these conditions as the visible sing tend to appear earlier. For this reason, it demands additional care, starting at an even younger age, to maintain a youthful appearance.
Greens is designed to replenish what is naturally lost through the process of aging. It incorporates advanced biological components (peptides) to improve the skin's appearance while keeping it calm and well protected.
Greens has been i

nspired by the functional nutrients present in green grain sprouts to enhance vitality and skin rejuvenation.

Anna Lotan Treatment principles.

Emulsions that mimic the skin's natural lipid composition, capable of replenishing what has been depleted.
Using modular exfoliating means to adapt to individual skin conditions in order to enhance the skin's own defense mechanism and support skin renewall. 
Effectively hydrating the skin, quenching it with moisture to improve the intake of the active components that follow.
Replenishing the naturally depleting lipid layer with phospholipids and W/O emulsions to minimize water loss.
Using effective antioxidants to protect the skin free radical damage.
Incorporating wrinkle relaxing peptides to improve skin texture.
Using broad spectrum UV absorbes to protect hyper-pigmentation and premature aging.

Step by Step: