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About useing Anna Lotan products


Maria Beautys - Beauty Salon:

High quality cosmetic and very professional Anna Lotan's team! Our clients are happy every bargain! A huge thank you Anna Lotan's team that you always keeping us !

tel.: 07427278434; 02085772423



Korolova Inna - Beauty Therapist (Salon Lora Lux):

tel.: +07715555357



Mihaela T. - Client Health and Beauty Rasa Clinic:

One of my absolute favorites in the Anna Lotan Liquid Gold line. It can be used under the moisturiser in the winter when the office air conditioners dry our the skin, or just by itself if you have an oily skin and when it's hot and humid outside. It also gives the skin a subtle golden glow, which instantly livens up a dull complection.



Kristina Ivanova -  Beauty Therapist (Salon G&N):

The manager of the company provides the detailed explanation of the products' use and the right sequence of treatment. The company is always available and ready to answer your questions! Thanks!

tel.: +07871618071



Justina Galinyte -  Beauty Therapist:

Tremendous products! My clients are happy. Thanks to Anna Lotan for good products! I have a big trust to this cosmetics. I like the approach of Al Cosmetics Ltd company to the clients: holding master classes, good work of the manager.

tel.: +07578339739



Giedre Jociene – Beauty Therapist:

The first time I used Anna Lotan products was when I did a treatment of the acne to my client. The result was good. Skin has become considerably better. The Unique product CalmaGel has removed the inflammation after the treatment! I and my client are very satisfied!

tel.: +07718883595



Renata Paliuliene - Beauty Therapist:

I have startes working on Anna Lotan production recently. I have become interested. I was at the seminar and I tried a product on my face, I was satisfied! I started using it for myself and in salon!

tel.: +07877033607



Rasa Gudaitiene - Beauty Therapist (Rasa Health & Beauty Clinic):

I am beautician.I have been using Anna Lotan products for more than 5 years. The Technology of cool hydrotation – one of the most popular in my salon. I haven't used vaporization for more than 10 years . The method of cool hydrotation helps me to make deep face peeling without injuring skin. I am confident that after the treatment on Anna Lotan products my clients won't have an allergy. I like to work with the Al Cosmetics Ltd company. I am a coach of the company for more than 2 years and I am very proud of that! 

tel.: 07971138557



Vilma Miniauskiene - beautician:
I am Vilma Miniauskiene beautician and I still working with ANNA LOTAN 11 years. This cosmetics very good for me and for my custumers, because it is made natural ingridients, for egz, camomille, aloe vera, hyaluronic acic and vitamins as well.



Tamara - Beauty Therapist (salon "Sunrizz"):

Your customer feedback on Method of Cold Hydration:
 Excellent, something unique and different to use it in my Salon. Seer great results with Alodem on couperose skin.

Your Customer feedback on Professional Experience Set treatment: 
Good way to try the products, love Liquid Gold & Alodem helped my clients sensitive skin = very happy!

The product you like the most. Why? 
Liposoft cream - my skin looked radiant. Pomegranate serum (Redless Serum) - lovely + my skin felt good.



Edi Ta - Mobile Beauty Therapist:

Thanks a lot for the outstanding cosmetics by Anna Lotan!

My clients have a good result after the treatments, so they come to me again! For me, as a beautician, it is important to have regular customers – it is a regular income! These products help with solving problems of teenage skin, oily and seborrheic skin, rosacea and sensitive skin! And the delivery is always in time.

I certainly recommend it! 



Vitalija - Mobile Beauty Therapist:

Me, as a cosmetologist, the balance of price - quality and in Al Cosmetics Ltd company suits perfect. I enjoy using gels for cool hydrogenation: they open pores well and soften the skin. The procedure for cleansing runs with virtually no skin injury. Satisfied customers, satisfied me. I get a good salary by saling home care products :the cosmetics is quality, customers like it.

tel: +44 7900 348006



Marianna Tarasova - Our Beauty Therapist :

As a professional beauty therapist I have been using Anna Lotan products for three years and I can say that I am extremely happy with both quality and pricing. Wide range of products allows me to treat different skin conditions, such as acneic, oily or sensitive skin, premature ageing and many more. It is absolutely important that Anna Lotan brand uses natural ingredients so there is very little risk for my clients to experience any allergic reaction. One of my favourite is the range of gels for Cool Hydration treatment products work perfectly  for deep cleansing whilst  leaving no signs of  skin damage.

Retail range is very popular among my clients so I would highly recommend Anna Lotan to my colleagues. I am very grateful to AL Cosmetics for their continued support, excellent collaboration and service.



Alla Liberman:

Long time ago, I totally stopped using mass-market cosmetics and changed it to professional cosmetics priducts.One of my favorite moisturising and therapeutic mask is Aloe Vera Natural Gel Anna Lotan , Barbados series.

Well done and thank you!