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Why do we need the cleaning of facial skin?

   Cleaning of facial skin is one of the most important and popular treatments for clients of all ages and types of the skin.What the professional cleaning of the skin is and why is it necessary?Firstly, it is hygienic care of the skin, and, secondly, it is the aesthetic effect, that is to say what improves the appearance.Dirty skin is not able to perform perfectly important for the body functions: respiratory, protective, thermostatic. Crude skin is prone to the rash in almost 100% of cases.Stoppers (or comedones, black dots) deteriorate the work of sebaceous glands, which leads to excessive evaporation of moisture, roughness of skin and loss of elasticity.During the treatment, the purification of the epidermis of dead skin cells takes place, blackheads and comedones are removed, the skin becomes purified toxins and slags, the protective mantle of the skin and its pH are restored, stimulation of the metabolism and blood circulation occur. Cosmetic drugs are absorbed and penetrate to the place of destination better after purifying.The skin becomes smoother and more even, fresher and younger, gains healthy shine.

There are many ways to clean the face, manual purifying is the most effective.The modern way of manual purifying recently has almost not brought discomfort, because the skin is treated with special drugs before and after the treatment.The steaming of the skin is carried out before the treatment, that makes horny layer of skin softer, opens the pores, liquefiesgrease tubes.Gels of Anna Lotan brand suit mostly perfectly for it, as they contain Barbados Aloe juice, which is natural, not restored or sublimated, which enhances the therapeutic properties of the gel.Soothing treatment is carried out after the treatment of deep purification, which maximally reduces redness and narrows pores.  “Azovit Treatment Mask Powder” or “Clear Astringent Mud Mask” for oily skin are used for it, or “Soothing mask Alodem” for thin skin.The treatment of deep purification of face has to be done by a professional cosmetologist, who knows how to do it correctly in order to minimize the negative effects of manual intervention, remove effectively all the dirt without the risk of inflammation, infections and scarring.