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TerraMud Mask Body Care

Code: 347-349
150 ml.

A variety of Italian Desert flavours and naturally coloured earthy clay powders have inspired the creation of this hydrating, gently exfoliating, "gommage" mask series. Scented with matching desert fragrances, the Terramud masks offer a rich palette of exciting Salon or SPA experiences followed by a unique skin sensation of smooth freshness.

Natural clays provide each mask with its rich earth colour to inspire individual creativity, while the inviting aromas add to an original SPA experience for body and face. This allows the "therapist" to express their creativity using a "palette" of different masks colours for each individual treatment, while the "Aromatic" fragrances add to the overall experience allowing personalized care.

Although rich and full in colours, TerraMud Masks will not stain the skin but leave it cool and hydrated.

Facial Masks: Arancia (341), Cioccolato (342), Caffe (343), Frutta Di Bosco (344), Tiramasu (345), Limoncello (346)

Body Masks: Liquirizia (347), Macchiato (348), Marzipan (349)