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Foam Purifying Cleanser

Code: 129
125 ml.
Effectively and
gently cleanses
Does not
overdry skin
oily shine
not irritate

   A mild purifying foam, made entirely (100%) sustainable, natural origin ingredients. Especially designed to cleanse and gently exfoliate oily, combination skin, acne prone skin. Contains a novel molecule that combines the water soluble amino-acid Glycine with the oil soluble Undecylenic Acid, to balance the skin and improve surface hygienic conditions while creamy softeners originated Coconut oil protect the natural skin barrier. Easy to use dispenser optimizes foam quantity and minimizes detergent concentration, making this cleanser especially gentle. Efficiently cleanses without over-drying the skin, leaving it comfortably soft and smooth.


  • Effectively and gently cleanses
  • Does not overdry skin
  • Removes oily shine
  • Does not irritate
  • Restores protective skin barrier

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Our reviews

Aleksandra Kurpatova

It suits my oily skin. The most essential for me is that it doesn`t overdry and irritates the skin. It doesn`t remove make up well, but I am satisfied with my skin.


I have always thought that the soap dries the skin. But once I came across the Barbados Foam. It was the only make -up removal she had at hers` so I had nothing to do but use it. I was surprised how perfectly it suited my oily skin! Amazing!

Roman Tsaruk

I washed my face with everything I saw. I have always had oily and scaling skin. But once I tried Barbados and I really became addicted to it! I have been using it for the 3 rd month and my skin has no greasy luster!


I have an allergic and combined skin. At first I haven't understood this soap. But when I used more than a half of the jar, I have seen result! I have improved my skin! The irritations have gone!


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