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Professional C White Active Mask

Code: 241
20 шт.

A refreshing, concentrated facial mask incorporating pure vitamin C. 
A totally oil free mask providing ideal care, especially for oily skin types, to sun damaged, hyper-pigmented young or mature skin. 
Based on a special carrier Complex Gel, designed to preserve the potency and benefits of the active ingredients during treatment.
Gives an immediate lightening and toning effect.

Paraben free.


1. Pour out the content (25 ml.) of the Complex Gel into a flat bowl.
2. Add one portion of Vitamin C powder until fully dissolved.
3. Put 1 Facial Mask tablet in the bowl letting it absorb the mask content.
4. If clients skin is sensitive, spread a thin layer of C White Formula cream before mask application.
5. Place the mask carefully over face, (take special care around the eyes) and pat lightly to improve adhesion.
6. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. A slight tingling may be felt due to the presence of vitamin C. (If it turns into discomfort, rinse off with water).
7. Gently remove the Facial Mask, wipe away the residues with moist pads and finally apply C White Formula.