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Camellia Tinted Day Cream SPF 30+

Code: 425, 4425
50 ml., 250 ml.


This premium quality, protective moisturizing day cream with optimal broadspectrum UV environmental protection is also enriched with vitamin E and Green Tea extract as natural antioxidants. Micro-pigments in this lightly tinted formulation enhance the UV protection and naturally conceal uneven skin tone. Recommended for daily use, all year round, on it's own, or best over your product of choice the greens care line. Concealing Powder Foundation SPF 17 may also be patted into this cream before it is fully absorbed to further enhance UV protection and camouflage hyper-pigmentation. Camellia Tinted Day Cream SPF 30+ gives maximum protection the sun's shorter UVB rays which can cause sunburn. It also protects against the longer and deeper penetrating UVA rays to prevent unsightly pigmentation and premature aging.

Note:This product is not available in the US Market, it is superceded by the new, FDA registered, Anna Lotan Triple Benefit Broad Spectrum Day Cream (152US).