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Aloe Pure Natural Gel

Code: 410, 7410
50 ml., 600 ml.


The fresh juice hidden within the succulent Aloe Vera leaf serves as the basis for this natural (contains 99% vegetable based components) soothing gel. Preserved with flower extracts, the rich polysacide content intensively hydrates the skin making it ideal for calming and relieving skin redness. Clinically tested and found to be Hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin, this natural alternative for traditional Aloe Juice is excellent as a soothing compress or as a co-product for a mild biological peel for delicate skin. Also excellent as a cooling hydrating mask that effectively soothes the skin after sunburn or as a follow up treatment after facial peels (such as Green Marine). This mask will effectively diminish redness of fragile skin types with visible capillaries.

Note: The juice of Aloe Barbadensis leaves (pressed the internal fillet, without skin) is often enriched with the minerals ( the soil it has grown) present in the leaf "veins" . This can be evidenced as a translucent red hue that may appear in the Natural Gel. No artificial colorants are added to our Aloe products!