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Proligne Lifting Anti Wrinkle Cream

Code: 414, 4414
50 ml., 125 ml.

An intensive anti wrinkle cream excellent for normal to dry skin. Prolonged localized massage on areas prone to develop wrinkles will smooth the skin with an instant lifting effect. Within 4 weeks a marked long term improvement will be noticed in the skin’s texture, smoothness and fresh appearance. The amino-acid Proline has been linked with an ester derivative of palm oil to act as a penetration enhancing “vector” and give the skin a certain “plumping” effect. Tests have n that this molecule not only gives an immediate support of the moisture retention capacity but also provides a longer lasting smoothing effect. It was found to support underlying collagen and elastin restructuring enzymes and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). The effect of this product may best be described as supporting skin elasticity and improving it’s tone “ within”.