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Replenishing Balm

Code: 404, 4404
50 ml., 200 ml.

An active exfoliating cream designed to soften, and gently exfoliate facial skin in order to enhance skin renewal. The cream replenishes the skin with a vital moisture complex that mimics the skins own NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor). The effective hydration obtained due to it’s presence and the support of generous Aloe extract eases the process of dead cell removal and minimizes any tingling or discomfort. Concentrated sprout (Wheatgrass and Buckwheat) extracts add vital nutrients and re-mineralizing trace elements to give the skin a rejuvenated appearance. The wrinkle smoothing Hibiscus seed oligopeptide has been added as a safe cosmetic substitute for wrinkle smoothing injections to minimize expression lines and give the skin a smooth radiance. Application at night will gradually reveal a fresh underlying skin that is smoother, softer and better moisturized. You may add a few drops of greens Pure Essence over this Replenishing Balm to further enhance the wrinkle smoothing activity. Or, for optimal results, smooth in the contents of one Retinol Capsule the greens Dual Action Treatment Set. Note: Always protect your skin during the day with a sun protective cream of SPF 20 or more!