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Golden Marine Scrub

Code: 148
30 ml.

A modular treatment product designed to offer a variety of exfoliating procedures in the salon for different skin conditions.
This product offers a very light "silk glove" treatment for thin and delicate skin and at the same time also a deep peeling scrub intended to reduce the signs of aging in mature and damaged skin.
Golden Marine Scrub is made of a wealth of natural products: Skin softening Seaweed of several kinds, Skin Purifying Oatmeal, Golden Seabuckthorn oil, Soothing Plantain Extract, protective Soy Sterols, Natural oils and nut waxes and Oil soluble vitamins as free radical scavengers.

The scrubbing particles present in this product are soft and spherical in order to eliminate damage to the surface of the skin due to mechanical rubbing.
The unique feature of this scrub is the change it undergoes during its regular use:

At the beginning, it feels like a warming abrasive paste which effectively cleanses the skin pores and smoothes its surface.
It is an excellent carrier for deep penetrating oil soluble "exfoliants" (such as retinol and essential oils with exfoliating constituents).

It enables an intensive hydration and "plumping" of the epidermis which facilitates exfoliation and reduces irritation potential.

It serves as an ideal carrier for exfoliating fruit acids (AHA) lotions which enhance exfoliation even further!

The abrasive scrubbing particles melt during treatment and transform into a new smoothing cream which enables a facial or body massage without any additional massage product.

Golden Marine Scrub is easily rinsed off the skin at the end of the treatment with water.

A full exfoliating facial treatment takes less than 10 minutes!

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