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CLEAR Protector SPF 32

Code: 804
50 ml.

An easily absorbed, clear gel formulation that leaves a protective film on the skin, without any oily residue. This well balanced sunscreen formulation offers high UVB/UVA protection to prevent sunburn and the development of pigmentation spots on oily impure skin.

CLEAR Protector is an alcohol based gel that supports the oily skin's hygiene efficiently, allowing the formulation to be totally preservative free. This may cause a temporary tingling that usually disappears once the gel is absorbed by the skin.

Natural Aloe Vera leaf juice and Lithospermum root extract in the formulation contribute to the soothing of the skin. Added antioxidants (Vitamin E Acetate and Dunaliella Salina Seaweed extract) give protection against free radicals which is especially important during exposure to the sun.

It is perfect for use outdoors, for face or body during training or sport activities and is also an ideal choice for men with shaved or bald heads.