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Lightening Complex

Code: 333, 333set
10 ml., Box of 8 x 4.2 ml vials

A concentrated Lightening Complex formulated on the new, Anna Lotan "protective" approach to Hyper-pigmentation problems.

Based on prevention and support - by avoiding pigment generating circumstances, rather than using active melanin formation inhibitors, to gently promote skin renewal by removing dead cells the exposed sun-damaged upper skin layers.

With premium antioxidants such as Ester vitamin C and extracts of Emblica and Green tea; Soothing components such as the "vectorised" Water Lily extract combined with the amino-acid Proline effectively calm sun damaged skin; and a rich moisturizing complex composed of Hyaluronic Acid, mineral salts and amino acids balancing the exfoliating effect of the enzyme Papain.