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Efficient fight against pigmentation!

    Increased pigmentation can ruffle any woman. Pigmented spots becoming increasingly evident with the first rays of the spring sun, when you want to look especially good. And to carry out medial and deep peelings it is already impossible. 
    At this time, come to the rescue of a specially developed series of products by Anna Lotan ( both for professional and for home care) to efficient fight against pigmentation is the line C White. 
10th April at 12-00 p.m. we invite you to attend our seminar on the topic: "Lightening of the skin, preventing the appearance of pigmented spots and reducing melanin synthesis". 

    The master class will demonstrate treatment using the Active mask with vitamin C. Thanks to the sparing action of the preparations Anna Lotan this treatment can be carried out in any season. 
    Do not forget to pre-register for master class by phone +44(0)7702910375. For beauticians free admission! 

    We are waiting for you at: 127 Balaam street, E13 8AF, Plaistow​, London, United Kingdom. Enter through the Rasa Health&beauty clinic.